Sony's answer to RED
A short while ago RED pulled the Apple stunt and sued Sony over the F65 and F55 cameras in the claim that they infringed on REDs technology in regards to the way the sensors treat data.
Now Sony has had some time to look things over and I am very happy to post the following quote from Sony themselves:

"Sony Comments re Patent Suit Filed By Red Digital Cinema

On February 12, 2013, Red Digital Cinema ("Red") sued Sony Corporation of America and Sony Electronics Inc. and alleged that the Sony PMW-F5, PMW-F55, and F65 digital cinema cameras infringe two Red patents. The F65 has been commercially available for over a year and the F5 and F55 were announced in October, 2012.

Sony has now had an opportunity to study Red's complaint and the asserted patents, and categorically denies Red's allegations. Sony intends to defend itself vigorously in the Red lawsuit. Sony looks forward to prevailing in court, thus vindicating the Sony engineers who developed Sony's quality digital cinema cameras."

Go get them Sony! If RED loses this battle they will not only have signalled that the CineAlta cameras are worhty opponents to the old tech of RED Epics, but they will also suffer a severe blow in credibility. Sony has proven themselves for a long time... why stop now.
In a not too distant future Canon will implement a firmware upgrade to the 5D mk III body, so that it will finally output full scale over HDMI out AND even more importantly, support acquisition of 4:2:2 over HDMI to an external recorder.
Now I don't know how many of you actually know what this means, but this is a big thing and will effectively increase the usefulness of the 5D mk III significanly.

While the current .h264 codec in 4:2:0 is decent in a lot of cases, it does fall apart rather fast once you start grading the material heavily.
This has been the bane of DSLRs for a long time and therefor the HDMI option is a welcome change.

I have already planned a small test for you to see the difference in the recorded material. The unit will be an Atomos Samurai, which can pick up ProRes HQ and DNxHD and place it in a 10bit container. (mind you... this does not mean you will get 10bit footage, you can only get what the camera is offering, although previous tests with other cameras show that even 8bit footage does gain a bit of grading capacity.)

Hopefully it will show that we will get a bit more out of the camera than previously was available.

A few more additions coming in. This time it will be the already great, about to be greater Canon 5D mk III and the Canon 24-70 2.8L II USM.

I have already written them up in the rental page, so take a peak and stay in touch.... prices are still nice.
Those guys at showed a huge amount of service today.
This means that leGreve will soon be able to upgrade the part Tilta, part Shoot35, part DIY rig to a proper DSLR rig with off set and counter balance.
It also means that should your needs only involve a good follow focus, then I'd include whips and cranks in rental deal as well.

I've been praising Tilta a lot lately, but it's nice to see that their choice of resellers also live up to the high standards required by today's entutiastic crowd of film makers and cinematographers.

I also recevied the iFootage M1 today, and so far it looks and feels great. I can't believe how easy it is to put together. It litterally takes a few minutes.
It feels pretty solid and easy enough to operate. Regarding weight capacity? Well, the manufacturer themselves set it at a max of 5kg. That will fit pretty much any DSLR, but I'll try and outfit my FS100 and to to the edge to see how it operates.
Stay tuned....
This weekend I pulled in a couple more ARRI lights which will go straight into the rental bin for your pleasure and steady performance:
- A 650w plus fresnel
- And a 300w plus fresnel

That will bring my ARRI collection up to:
1x 1000w T1 fresnel, 2x 650w plus fresnel and 1x 300w plus fresnel

In addition to the ARRI lights, I'll also be receiving another FloLight flourescent light (Kino Flo style). This time it's the 110AWD dimmable to compliment the 330AWD I already have.
In strength it resembles a 500w light and will serve very nicely as a cool soft light for both fill or accent light.

The last addition to the rental family is a treat to all of you who produce film and video with DSLR and smaller size video cams.
I've ordered a mini jib crane that can be carried in a small shoulder bag, but it being made of carbon fibre means it will carry up to 5kg of camera.
It's quick to assemble and offers lots of placements to add things like monitor, microphone etc.

The mini jib comes without a stand and monitor, but I suggest you look into renting my Manfrotto tripod and video head as the mini jib will mount onto most baseplates with one of its 3 mounting points.

A cheap efficient way to add production value to your video / film.
Supporting the arts 2013...

In order to take part in supporting the arts 2013 and receive the 50% discount you will have to qualify.
The judgement and dicison is entirely up to me and since I expect to get quite a lot of feedback on this initiative,
I prefer that we do not get into any discussion wether or not your project is really non-profit. So my first word is my final word. I will not go into any discussions about my decision.

Having said that, what does your project need in order to qualify? It's very simple:
  • - Your project does not generate any profit (monetary or material) for anyone, not you, not those colaborating with you and not the end receiver.
    This could be but is not limited too: documentaries, promotion of 100% non-profit organisations, art movies, short films.

Effectively that will disqualify the following projects:
  • - Music videos. Yes some may consider them art, but in the end what music videos are is virtual posters for bands and upcoming musicians, and as such promotion for a product. It does not matter if YOU are doing it for free... the band benefits from it and most likely will generate a profit off the video.
  • - Commercials, promotional videos, corporate statements etc. Anything that can be seen as a poster for a or several companies or private persons.
  • - Small product or instructional videos for newly started or not yet CVR registered companies which serves as a purpose to make people aware of their existence or products.
  • - Educational videos done for institutions or similar that documents lectures or work processes.
  • - In fact ANYTHING that a production house could potentially be hired in to do is off limits.

I invite anyone to throw me an email and let me have a look at what your intentions are and make a judgement call on wether or not you are eligeble for discount.
If my conclusion is that you in fact are, you can start mapping up what you need and mail the list to me along with dates you need the gear.

Terms and conditions apply...
Today concludes two intense weeks of shortfilming with Aarhus Teater school for dramatic writing and acting.

Together with Morten Schaffalitzky I've dragged the students out of their normal surroundings of chronological story telling and into the world of making movies where the beginning can come last and the emotions can run wild.

The feed back has been nothing other than positive. They held their flag high even though we fought through take after take into the late hours of night. Equally fun it has been for me. Getting in touch with other people's emotions for good or bad. Setting lights under tight spacial conditions as well as doing it in a short time and done well.

You can't help being modest, learn to enjoy the little things and work with what you got.

So my departure as we speak is both one with a sigh of relief of having gone through the hard work but it is also a sigh of knowing that I'll start missing these people right away when I leave the school.
I really has been a great couple of weeks!

Thank you Morten, Silje, Julie, Anders, David, Nana, Louise, Victor, Margrethe & indeed thank you Lasse for noticing me hailing that cab and saving me some trouble by giving me a lift :)
Just finished 30 hours of awesome camera and lighting work to complement the awesome set design by the talented students and teachers at Aarhus Teater.

Unfortunately I can't share any shots yet, as it has to be edited and graded first. But trust me... it's going to be great :)
Got a few items coming in soon to make the FS100 rental experience a bit more pleasent:

- Metabones Speed Booster
Gives your EF lenses the FoV they were meant to on the FS100 AND provides an additional f-stop. In short... on the FS100 the Canon 24-70 2.8L will become a 25-73mm 2.0

- Shot Grip top handle
The original Sony handle turn out to be not really a handle at all... The Shot Grip however is lovely. A chique look and very durable, with the walnut handle being comfortable to operate even in winters cold.

- Tilta Handgrips
Durable well machine nice looking handgrips from THE best chinese manufacturer. Seriously, you wouldn't think this was made in China!

- Tilta fluid follow focus
Same as above... very functional follow focus with build in adjustable hard stops for your convenience.

Stay tuned... I'll post when the items are ready, update the photos on the website along with adding the items to the rental list.
January is becoming a busy month, meaning leGreve involvement on 3 seperate short film productions.
The first one will be a job for independent gore horror production, including sweet sfx from the hands of Janus Vinther.

Then later in the month leGreve will venture to Jylland to help DP and shoot 2 short film productions in cooperation with the dear and talented Morten Schaffalitzky.

Both productions will test my skills in effectively setup and execute gorilla style productions where the value has to be kept high while working at a quick pace and making the actors look great and enable them to do their best.

In short... it's going to be a great month!
Sony has now officially released the prices for the F55 and F5. The EU price will land around 19.000 pounds (+vat) for the F55 body alone.
The F5 lands around 10300 pounds (+vat) for the body alone.
That's a bit more pricey than what RED is now offering on their Epic camera, but hopefully footage from the Sony F55 and F5, along with the fact that you'll get a global shutter will mean that the price is worth it.

Personally I'm liking the fact that you can choose to shoot internally with a hefty 10bit codec when you don't need the raw workflow thus allowing for a quick turnaround.
If you want to read more about the new CineAltas the go to and have a look at the specs.
Sony's been talking about the future, and the unveiling should be just around the corner.
What ever that means, the announcement made RED come with their own announcement... A huge price reduction on the RED cameras. Maybe the new Sony cameras will add something interesting to the market.
The preliminary tests with the Cineroid EVF 4RVW went ok, except for a few snags.
The unit as such is fine... it's solid, house made of metal and the buttons are easy to operate.

However there's two issues that are a bit annoying:

- The accompanying firmware is only installable on a pc. So you need to own one or know someone who has one. Also I tried 3 different pcs before I had up and running.

- The Cineroid EVF 4RVW has signal issues when receiving a 1080p 25fps signal from the FS100 and FS700 cameras. As such it wont loop the HDMI signal... only in 1080i.

I've been told directly by Cineroid that they are working on this issue and should be including a fix in the next firmware package.
Apart from that the unit is nice... Mounts easily and from the first few glances the peaking seems a bit more accurate than the faulty one that is in the FS100.
A late night call turned into an even later work night, lighting for Alphabeat.
Jesper from Opus Film, now working under the roof of Fridthjof Film, threw me a call if I had some availble lights for rent.
Of course I did and I drove in and ended up giving a hand with the greenscreen production which involved Alphabeat and Nabiha. You'll be able to see the final results at the opening act for DMA (Danish Music awards) on saturday.
Today is a great day in spite of the massive destructions in the US, which unfortunately might be causing trouble for camera suppliers B&H and Abelcine.
Not long ago Sony dropped a teaser that the future was here now "ahead of time", and they just might be right!
The future according to Sony is partly Sony's newest F55, F5 og their new codec XAVC.

When speaking of the camera there's talk about a massive step in the right direction. Sony will give us 10bit internal codec up to 2K, raw through external modular recorder up to 4K and it wont just be 12bit like we've been used to.
Now the future is called 16bit and in regards to the F55, that 16bit is ontop of a global shutter and a very nice 14 stop dynamic range along with the option of now being able to use one camera for all jobs, wether you need high gradability or "just" 4:2:2 10bit.
Beyond that the addition of high speed recording (something Sony is already exploring with the FS700), will offer 240fps in the F55, in 16bit on the external recorder... 60fps out of the box.

Click through the links for the awesome specs.
All in all, I think both Canon and RED need to get their act together... hope not too many of you threw money after the RED Scarlet or the C300, or just jumping the RED wagon with those massive price reductions in view.

So... time to bunch up 100.000 dollars to buy camera gear...
Copyright is one of the most important formalities a photographer should get into. You can easily sign off copyright through a contractual agreement with your client, but as a general rule copyright resides at the hands of the creator. One person who is dealing with this at the moment is the talented beauty- / fashion photographer Sabine Liewald, who are as we speak in a copyright battke with Apple.

Back in june when Apple introduced MBP 2012 her beauty close-up of an eye got used as a banner photo for Apples tech hop in monitor displays "Retina". Unfortunately this went on without the accept of Sabine. It didn't occur to her that Apple had used her photo until leGreve wrote Sabine to congratulate her with her "cooperation" with Apple, to which she replied "What?"

I have been keeping tabs with Sabine Liewald to hear how the battle was going and unfortunately it would seem that Apple is continuing with their lack of respect for Sabines rights.
Even though they have taken Sabines photo off their own product specification pages Apple did indeed manage to send out multitudes of PR material to a lot of retailers and a huge amount of them still carry Sabines photo as an eye catcher for Apples MBP
So here 5 months later she is still in legal battle, but has promised to keep me updated. I really do think there should be more focus on copyright in the photography business as the internet to some degree has made it more difficult to keep an eye on ones own photos and when and where they are being used without our consent.

One helpful tool you can use to keep an eye on your photos is as simple as Google Images.

Click on the camera on the right of the search field and you can upload your own photo and see where else it's being used on the internet.